The Photography of Rein Karp

Rein Karp is a freelance photographer currently in the Seattle, Wa. area . ( The Pacific Northwest, USA).
While his emphasis is nature photography, he considers himself more of a fine art and graphic design artist.
Instruction into vision ( seeing ) is a strong point.


May You Walk in Beauty

A phrase of the Navaho people (Dineah) of the American southwest.
It means to be of good spirit, awareness, and appreciative soul to see
and rejoice in the beauty which is around us everywhere, every day.
As artists, it is our responsibility to express and share such visions of the world.
I try, I hope you do.

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( NEW ! ) Recent Works

The joy of light,
dawn, and mountains

Design and composition studies,
the joy of simplicity

Scenic views,
Rejoicing the world with a different viewpoint

Black and White photography ,
a magic of it's own.

Experiments in seeing
beyond just what is "there"

Figure studies,
esp. the nude in the landscape.

New! .
More Nudes
Joy of the human figure...

Looking at the world as abstractions

Other Series

Misc. Images from Canyonlands
Landscapes, Figure Studies, and Textures

New! .
More CanyonLands

Design studies from Banack
An old Montana ghost town

New! .
Creatures are everywhere...

Arctic birds
Winter visitors to Skagit Valley

Just for Fun
Silly fooling around stuff

Misc, Journals
Canyons_._ the West _._ Yellowstone _._ New England _._ Spring _._ Colorado _._ Figures _._

Adjust your Gamma

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Turn your contrast adjustment to 95% full, then adjust the brightness to see all 16 shades. The best setting is often when you can just bearly see a difference in the two darkest tones, and the two lightest are still distinct.
enjoy !
Images may be leased for editorial use, near ASMP rates.
Prints are available for purchase as injet prints ( for color), and silver ( for B&W) Price negotiated.

Rein Karp is available for lecturing in the Puget Sound area ( Seattle, Washington, U.S.A )
He is an experienced and well received speaker, whose inspiring presentations have received warm reception and praise.
Fees are negotiable.
Presentations outside of the Pacific Northwest can be arranged, with proper lead time, and negotiations for custom presentations will be entertained.

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